Green Building

Rebates and Incentives
  • $2,000 tax credit per solar technology to the homebuilder for building a new home that exceeds the International Energy Code by 50%

  • $2,000 tax credit per solar technology to the homeowner for purchasing solar and energy-efficient systems. For more information click Here.

  • Additional rebates from states & utility programs:

Green Building

  • Buyer qualifies for energy efficient mortgage - 2% stretch on loan to income ratio
  • Energy star registration - increased market appeal and higher future resale value
  • Superior comfort and indoor air quality - ideal heat, warm feet and no airborne particles or germs
  • Lower operating costs - reduce heating costs by over 50%
  • Reduce fossil fuel consumption - reduces pollution, global warming and reliance on foreign imports

Comparison of Green Buildings vs. Conventional Buildings

  • 86% Greater Health and Well-being of Occupants
  • 79% Higher Building Appraisal Value
  • 76% Higher Worker Productivity
  • 63% Higher Return on Investment
  • 62% Higher Asking Rents
  • 52% Higher Occupancy Rates
  • 40% Higher Retail Sales

Why Green Building Trends are on the Rise:

  • 75% Green Buildings generate a higher return on investment
  • 37% Green Buildings have lower 10-year Operating Costs
  • 36% Green Buildings have lower annual operating costs

Source: July 2004 Turner Construction Survey 0f 719 building owners, developers, architects, engineers and consultants experience with Green Building.

Know Your Customer Marketplace
: Builder vs. Owners

What Home Builders Believe...   What Home Owners and Buyers are really saying...

79% of builders think homeowner/buyers not interested in Green Building
49% of homeowner/buyers would pay higher price for Green building features for their homes

82% of builders think Green Building features are regarded as too expensive by homeowner and buyers
Only 14% of homeowners and buyers think GB features are too expensive
    Only 14% of new home buyers surveyed or home renovators reported their Contractor proactively told them about "green" energy-saving options

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